My Daily Dose of Feel Good

One of the leaders in my organization sent me a link to one of those “daily inspiration” websites.

Now I’m not one to sit still long enough for a slide show that builds up your character, and just plain old makes you feel good, but this one gave me pause.

Why? Because Ralph S. Marston Jr. Takes time every day to compose these little inspirations himself.

It’s not a bunch of famous quotes. These are actually thoughts and ideas he’s taken the time to compose himself, create a slide show and set it to music.

Now I’m still not one to sit through them all, but the fact that he’s been doing this for nearly 2 years is pretty impressive.

His first “Daily Motivator” slide show was posted in May of 2006. And yes, you can view all the past archives. Pretty groovy, no?

But here’s the one I actually sat through for the entire run of the show. Pretty powerful, “makes you think” kind of stuff.

If you’re looking for a reason to feel more grateful, if you are just looking for a kind kick start to your morning. Try Ralph’s “Right Now” presentation. It’s good.

Real good. I sat through the whole thing – so that should say something.

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