Building on a Budget: Mike Dillard’s New Book Falls Short for Newbies

I think I was probably the first girl on the block to order my copy of Mike Dillard’s new book, Builiding on a Budget.

It wasn’t at all what I expected.

That’s both a good thing and a bad thing.

Building on a Budget, for starters, claims to be able to help any network marketer build their internet presence and grow their down line for less than $500. For those of you that have purchased or read about my new book, Home Party Solution, you’ll realize that our objective is very similar.

How we achieve that objective is VERY dissimilar.

At first, I thought Mike was nuts, seriously. One of the methods he suggests is borderline “black hat”, and VERY time consuming – posting ads daily on a particular free online service. It must work because I’ve seen several people on his personal sales team using those techniques.

As for me and my house? I don’t have time to be posting ads every day – nor do I think a newbie should be spending every waking moment posting ads – or paying someone to do it for them. If it works for Mike, then more power to him, but I think a more long-term approach yields comparable results.

And I was shocked when I found out that Mike’s book doesn’t event talk about it!

Honestly, I pushed the release date of Home Party Solution so I wouldn’t have to compete with Dillard’s Building on a Budget. Mostly because I thought my book would pale in comparison as far as the scope of information provided. I mean, Mike Dillard’s been an attraction marketing “guru” for over a decade now, and I’ve only come onto the scene recently.

And when you look at my book compared to his, you’re going to get more hand on training, more in-depth step-by-step hand holding, and more FREE resources than Mike offers in the book.

Mike DOES offer a members area, but at this time, it’s not functional, so who’s to say what all will be in there later?

One thing that Mike DOES touch on that I don’t is the power of video on your capture pages. But frankly, if you don’t know what a capture page is, I think it’s premature to start slapping up video.

Plus, half of his recommended $500 budget is for video and editing equipment. I don’t think that’s a necessary setup if you’re just getting started. Seriously not recommended if all you have is $500 to get going!

I did like some of his ideas, and I’m not asking for a refund. I am canceling my subscription to the inner circle magazine that came along with it. It’s a recurring monthly charge for what appears to be content that is regurgitated from the magnetic sponsoring community website. No thanks. I’ll save my pennies.

So should you.
Frankly, if you’re a brand new beginner, some of these ideas are too advanced. I would call Building on a Budget an intermediate level book. You have to understand concepts like Autoresponder and capture page before you even start this book.

If you like the ideas behind Mike Dillard’s work, here’s my recommended reading order:

Start with Magnetic Sponsoring. It’s a great overview of what attraction marketing is all about, without getting too technical.

Then look at Building on a budget. This is an intermediate level business building book for network marketers using the internet.

But if you’re totally clueless, I strongly suggest reading my book or another primer before you go there.

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