Brainwashing: Mark Joyner Style

Since the re-release of Mark Joyner’s book, MindControlMarketing, a tempest has been brewing over the controversial “missing chapter” titled, Brainwashing: Genuine Mind Control in the Extreme. Mark takes 12 little pages, and blows the lid off what it takes to create a cult-like following – in just about any setting – and how to protect yourself as well.

The chapter is the icing on the cake of an otherwise amazing book. People have been trading dog-eared copies of the original, out-of-print version on eBay and Amazon for years at upwards of $200 a piece.

Seriously, it’s THAT good.

According to Mark, there are 3 elements to create a cult-like following without creating a cult:

1. Voluntary Participation

Obviously, anyone that chooses to do business with you meets the first criteria, but some might argue that autoship programs and the like are akin to coercion. The difference, I think is in the approach. Persuading participation in programs like these will help your bottom line, even out your cash flow, and stabilize your business. The key is perception. When your clients believe they are voluntarily participating in your program, your cult-like following will grow. If they feel the slightest bit of pressure to perform, you can be sure, you’ll be seen as in a more negative light.

2. Love of a Product or Thing

Are your products buzz-worthy and irresistable? Does quality far surpass the price of the thing? What about service before during and after the sale? How easy is it to do business with you? All of these elements combine to determine whether people love what you have to offer – or not. When people fall in love with a product, it’s exponentially easier to sell to them – and generate referral and repeat business.

3. Inclusionary, rather than exclusionary of “outsiders”
There are people that are un-initiated to your products/services, as well as a few that just aren’t impressed with what you offer. Not everyone can or will use what you sell. How do you treat them? Are you “shunning” them at every turn, badmouthing the competition and their product users? Or are you respectful, open, and appreciative of the diversity that “makes the world go round” when it comes to network marketing? “A cult shuns the non-believer”, says Joyner. But cult-like followings develop in a forum of acceptance, diversity and welcome.

When you implement these strategies, your public following will boom.
What are you waiting for?