Ask to Speak with Bugsy

This just blows my mind.

If you live in or around the Flint area, you have heard of our illustrious Mayor. His Kitchen-cabinet style leadership has been a conversation piece for years around these parts.

But the letter I got in the mail the other day just boggles my mind.

In essence, it’s a message to citizens of the city, asking for our help in contacting our council representatives. Apparently our Mayor can’t get them to return his calls to discuss road work and the like. This, in and of itself might sound outrageous, except for the fact that it’s a known fact that our Mayor and city council don’t play nicely with each other.

That in and of itself would make a great topic for my blog, but the thing that REALLY caught my eye was down at the bottom of page two:

“You may call Mayor Williamson’s Community Service Office… and ask to speak with Joe… or Bugsy.”

Bugsy? Are you serious?

Now, before I get hate mail, I don’t know Bugsy, and he may be a great person with a charming personality. But with illegal activities of our Mayor’s past, inviting the public to call anyone named “Bugsy” for customer service issues reeks of bad PR and bad customer service.

Perhaps I’m over reacting, but in my mind, I immediately conjur images of a large, burly man with a baseball bat in one hand and a flower in his lapel, with a broken Brooklyn accent asking me “So, you’s gotta problem wit’ sumtin?”

Um… no, Mister Busgy, sir. No problems at all.

“Dat’s wat I tawt!” he replies, with a menacing grin as he lowers the bat and leans on it like a walking stick.

I just get shivers thinking about it!

The Community service number itself is actually the phone line originally used for the re-election headquarters, so it doesn’t even appear to be officially associated with the City.

So what is this letter all about? Is it just more whining on the part of our Mayor? Is it indeed a call to action? I’d encourage anyone from the city with more information to please fill me in on this.

Well, anyone except Bugsy.