Want More Testimonials? BE a testimonial!

Facts tell, but stories sell.

Anyone in sales will tell you that testimonials are the cornerstone of your sales presentation. Any time you can provide social proof that your product will do what it says, people are more likely to take interest, open their wallets, and buy.

When I talk about “affirmative buying decisions”, I’m talking about people that say yes to your offer – even if the offer doesn’t cost a thing. It may be booking a party, joining your business or offering a referral for future business if they are not presently interested in your offer, but know someone that might be interested.

I learned a valuable lesson in the power of testimonials. Not because I got one, but because I gave one.

You’ve heard me cheer about Mark Joyner’s re-release of MindControlMarketing, for good reason. The book is amazing, insightful and a must-read for anyone serious about understanding their client’s motivations for an affirmative buying decision. Not only that, but the missing chapter alone is worth the investment of $27 for the book.

In reading the book, I made a comment about the congruency between what Mark does and what he writes about. I posted a note to Mark’s blog about how fascinating it is to watch his writing unfold in the work he does on a daily basis. I ended my post by saying the book was “so exciting I can’t stand it!”

Little did I know how that one comment would change my world.

Mark wrote a follow-up email to his subscriber base, and not only did my little unintentional testimonial appear in the body of the message, but it was FEATURED as part of the subject line! That’s a profound nod from Mr. Joyner.

In that email, he included several short testimonials, along with links to the sites of those who wrote them. That little message changed my world.

The day that the message was delivered, I saw a 15% spike in my site traffic, as well as a 40% jump in opt-ins. The NEXT day, those results almost doubled, and sales spiked by 20%.

Would one email make a difference to you? It did for me.

So when you’re collecting stories from your clients about their favorite products that you sell, think about the products that you know and love. Offer testimonials to them and you may just find that YOUR business will be booming in return.

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