Gettin’ Schooled by Mark Joyner

Did you know that over the last two months a select group of people picked Mark Joyner’s brains about everything he knows about becoming a bestselling author (something Mark has done 4 times now!) and that these sessions totaled over 20 hours?

They were 4 sessions lasting 5 hours each.

I was in on those calls. AMAZING stuff.

I don’t know how Mark kept up with it (probably something to
do with Simpleology!), but here’s what’s really cool:

Each and every minute of these calls was recorded!

Can you imagine? 20 hours of the man some call “the Tiger Woods
of Internet entrepreneurialism
” answering every question
imaginable – and you get to be a fly on the wall!

To get access to all 20 hours of these recordings, all you have
to do is purchase the “Simpleology Bestseller Blueprint.”

Funny, huh? These recordings are a *bonus* on top of something
even more amazing.

Here’s the skinny, though: because of this new addition the price of the Blueprint is going up to $1,497 in a week, but you can get it at the old price now.

I *highly* recommend it – not only does it cover everything you’ll need to know on the road from “no book” to “#1 bestselling author of …”, but it also teaches you more about “launching” a product of any type than just about anything on the market.

I’m about half way through the program, and I can’t tell you how valuable it’s been for me in creating my next book launch.

This is a *mission critical* weapon on your business arsenal!

When you’re talking about opening doors, nothing establishes credibility like being a best selling author. I STILL can’t believe I got this whole course for peanuts. You’d better too if you want to save $500!

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