Tony Robbins and Basic Human Needs

There is a bit of strong language in this video, but it’s a great lesson in basic human needs. This is the same video I ran in our PartyOn! Newsletter, but for this post I want you to look at it in terms of your recruits. Then take some time to answer the questions that follow the video.

Tony talks about relevance. He equates violence as an instant surefire way to become relevant. What can YOU do to become immediately relevant in your potential recruit’s mind? More importantly, how can you make your prospect feel that they are relevant in your business?

My belief is that the sooner you position yourself as an expert, with the answers to their problems, they will look to you for meeting those needs. Getting them to know you, like you and trust you doesn’t have to take years. It DOES take time – perhaps a few weeks. If your prospect connects with you immediately, you know that they already feel relevant with you – or at least that you are relevant to them.

Engage your prospect and spend more time listening and asking questions than you do talking and answering questions.
I’ve said it before, but if you’re friendly, and take a genuine interest in people, they can’t help but be drawn to you.

But what are some great ways to connect quickly that aren’t contrived or fake?
Let’s discuss!

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