15 Things Will Show You Success

A regional sales manager that shared an idea with me, that was so simple, I couldn’t believe it would work.

But it does. Like gang busters.

Women are notorious for making horrendously long lists, and in the process, we never complete them, never feel accomplished, and never think about making their lists SHORTER. Imagine how much more unruly these lists are when you’re a Mom, Wife, Author and Network Marketer!

Yep, I’m busy. But there are days when I feel like I’m going in circles, chasing my own tail.

So my manager said, “Take a piece of paper and divide it into 3 sections. Label each section: Family, Home, and Work. Then, list 5 things in each area you need to accomplish for the day, and work on those first. START with the item you dread the most. Think of how much happier you’ll feel when you get the toughest job out of the way first.”

I could end the article there, and you’d have plenty to keep you busy. But I like to write, so I have a couple of additional thoughts to share.

I struggle with doing things for myself. Between writing, doing my party plan business, the kids and my husband, I rarely take time out just for me. I can always find SOMETHING that needs to be done. So when I was scheduling my “family” activities, I would forget that I, too, am part of the family. So I created more sections on my paper and added more things to do.

Bad idea.

Stick to 15 things. When I created 5 sections instead of 3, I put 5 things in each area, but found I wasn’t getting everything done. That left me feeling frustrated, disappointed, and disgruntled. Now my 5 sections have only 3 items a piece. And it feels SO good when I cross everything off on my short lists. It motivates me to finish up more quickly. Then I have the choice of adding more items to a list, or continuing with other activities in my day.

Instead of a piece of paper, I use Mark Joyner’s free Simpleology program, and just write down my “to do’s” in there. Plus, I help protect the environment, because I’m not using all that paper every day. The Simpleology program keeps track of everything – no misplaced lists to worry about! Plus it archives my lists, so I can review my accomplishments over time – which really helps me feel better about my work.

Burden lifted. Missions accomplished – and usually with time to spare. My kids and my husband are enjoying the “kinder, gentler” me, now that I’ve got a handle on my schedule and my once-unruly lists.

Go give it a try and tell me how it works for you.