Mark Joyner Gives Away The Irresistable Offer as a Marketing Experiment

This one has really “cooked my noodle.”

Mark Joyner is running a rather controversial experiment that
has already sent the marketing experts into a tizzy.

You’ve probably heard of his book “The Irresistible Offer” – it’s
what some call “one of the top 5 marketing books ever written”
and has been one of the best-selling marketing books of the last
3 years week after week.

Mark thinks that by giving it away in ebook form he is actually
going to boost sales of the book:

Is he right?

Only time will tell, but he makes some really good arguments –
even if they seem to fly in the face of what many people have
been saying over the last few years about the relationship
between digital downloads and print media.

I’ll be watching this one closely, and so should you.

Meanwhile, you should also definitely grab the download.

Dr. Joe Vitale said that the book is “the first breakthrough in
over 50 years” and it seems the entire pantheon of marketing
gods are in agreement.

It’s a deceptively simple read, but well, that’s what Mark is
famous for.