Touching All the Bases

I’m not a sports fiend, but this video really hits home for me.

Yes, I cried. So sue me.

Think about the power the “losing” team had. They could have stood back and done nothing. Either letting her wrench herself around the bases to “earn” the home run, or refusing to be helpful in any other way. The “winning” team was scrambling to figure out how this injured runner could keep the Home Run she so desperately deserved, and yet, by the rule book, they were helpless.

Out steps an athlete scholar from the losing team, to do the right thing. This is an amazing story of character. To do what is right, even if it means losing in the short term.

From a sales perspective, we are all to often caught up in hitting our goals, meeting our quotas for our own rewards, that we’ll overlook doing what’s right to make the sale – or close the new recruit.

What does your character say about you?
What do people say about YOUR character?
How can you take this moment and do the right thing with it – even if it’s inconvenient or distressing for you?
Do you choose the quick sale over the long term relationship?

How do you sleep at night?