I am The Coolest Girl on The Planet

It’s official. You can call all the kids from my high school days and tell them that I’m cooler than they are. And Google will back me up on it!

I checked Google today, and I am officially the Coolest Girl on the Planet. This is a title I’ve been striving for on and off for a few months.

I’m not gloating or braggin’ here. This is all about using Google’s own search algorithms to help you attain the top spot with your chosen keyword phrase.

In this case, I’ve done a little “web site optimizing” to help Google figure out just how cool I am.

All this started with a male ego contest a few years back. Dozens of Internet Marketers took up the challenge to become “the coolest guy on the planet” and well, I’m not a guy.

But I thought the phrase “coolest woman on the planet” didn’t roll of the tongue as nicely, so I went with “girl” instead. Besides, I can think of many women far cooler than I am, and this was just an experiment anyway. Plus, I figured, “guy” and “girl” were more equivalent than “guy” and “woman”. Although I suppose I could have gone with “gal”.

But I digress.

So when you do a Google search, you’ll find me. It’s kind of nifty. Almost cool.

And I really didn’t do that much work. Here are the things I did to boost my name into the top slot on Google:

I started using the keyword phrase as my name in all my blog posts.
I positioned a link at the bottom of the home page of my site for my 30-day guide to direct sales success, as well as my hand made candle company. I also changed my byline credit on the website design for Flint’s only Downtown Dinner Theater website to read: “This site designed and maintained by the coolest girl in the world”.

All those text links pointed right back to my home page.

I didn’t work on this non-stop for days, weeks, or even months. Basically, just when I remembered to do it.

And now, I can actually brag about being the coolest girl in the world.
I think Mom would be proud – or at least shaking her head in disbelief.