Ten Minutes with Ken Futch

Or how shooting yourself in the head is a GREAT way to distinguish yourself from your competition.

This video will make you laugh out loud not just because it’s an example of how our hospital system is really messed up (but still good by most standards), but also the last couple of minutes talks a bit about how this incident changed his life and his career path.

In our last teleclass, Tracy Needham talked about creating copy that speaks your client’s language. Compelling copy is what helps set you apart from the other reps in your business.

But “copy” doesn’t just mean written words, which are Tracy’s specialty. It also means the words you say. The means of communication you use with every interaction with your clients.

For Ken, he uses his “Stupid” Story to relate to everyone that’s ever done something idiotic in their lifetime (and who hasn’t?). For you, it’s your story of what led you to your company. It’s your personal mission statement, and your reason for making the most of your business.

Think about the stories you enjoy sharing with family, friends, and acquaintances. Is your business story one of them? If not, why?

If you’re truly passionate about the work you do, if you truly enjoy it, you need to share your story with people. That’s not to say you have to jump into the “3-foot” pool and start telling everyone you know about your “why”. It DOES mean that when you’re building relationships, when it comes to sharing things that you’re passionate about, you should remember to include your business.

Look at it this way: If you owned Wal-Mart, or Microsoft, or Coca-Cola, wouldn’t you tell people about it? It wouldn’t be the FIRST thing you talk about with people, but it would CERTAINLY be a topic of conversation. So many reps get “ashamed” of their businesses because they’ve been “guilted” into thinking that it’s not a real business.


You work just as hard as any CEO (Sometimes a LOT harder), you offer a good product at a fair price, and people are benefiting from that product. You’re contributing in a positive way to your local economy, as well as helping others create a better life for themselves.

What is there for you to be ashamed?

Spend time examining what you truly believe at your CORE about your business. Listen to your heart. Pray about it if you need to. When you dig down deep, you’ll find the stories that move you – and will ultimately move your clients into affirmative buying decisions with you.