Frank Rumbauskas talks about building your POWER

This is the WHOLE premise behind Home Party Solution. It’s why I created the Party Pro MasterMind in the first place.

You need a way to increase your personal power. Power that’s been sucked away from you by the rule and policies of your party plan company.

If you truly owned your own business, you could create a website and market the heck out of it in the way you deemed appropriate.

But you are an independent contractor for a corporation that you represent. And as such, you have no power over what they can do or how to market their products and services beyond what they will LET you (and the rest of the sales reps) do.

You can’t differentiate yourself from any other consultant in the company, because then “the playing field’s not level”.


You can’t create a website and sell products because it’s an unfair advantage over consultants that don’t have those tools.

Is that your fault?

Every Direct Sales company in the WORLD (almost) has these rules in place to keep you from being successful – at least to keep you from being MORE successful than the next guy.

But you can show them.

You can take back the power.
These companies don’t care about you as a person. They care about you as a rep for their shiny brand image. They want you to be successful, but not controversial.

Phooey on them.

Be successful AND controversial – but in a good way.
Get talked about by your clients and recruits. The more they talk about you (in a good way), the more power you have.

How do you get people talking? Make a name for yourself.

Notice I didn’t say make a name for your company?
Your company is ALREADY working on that. Who’s working on you?

… That’s what I thought.

Let your company worry about promotional materials for your products and services. YOU need to worry about letting people know about YOU.

So you create a website for yourself. And OfficeLive makes it super easy.

Then you start creating pages to fill that site – articles that you can post on places like that drive traffic back to your site. Where people can learn more about YOU.

Once they learn more about you, THEN you can start telling them about the company you’re with, the products you represent, and why they should WANT to do business with you.

Then they WILL.