7 Secrets of Multimillionaire Entrepreneurs

My mind has been blown wide open.

I took a huge risk and it’s been paying off in spades – and it’s only been a week!

I made a commitment to invest in a teleseminar series with Ali Brown and David Neagle called “The 7 Mindset & Manifesting Secrets of Multimillionaire
Entrepreneurs”. This was not a cheap experience, to say the least – but for coaching direct from Ali and David, the price was well worth it.

We sit on the phone for 5 calls each about an hour and a half long. Each call reveals one or two of the 7 secrets, and we’re getting ready for call three tonight.

But those first two calls really had me taking a look at priorities, life focus and “the ultimate questions” for me.

Here’s the biggest highlight from the first call:
If you knew you could not fail, and that money, public opinion, and other external factors did not matter, what would you choose for your life?

That question left me – a woman with many words – silent. For a very long time.
I had to take a lot of time to dig down past years of subterfuge and enculturation to get at what was really tugging at my heart.

And what I found almost shocked me. I say almost because I knew it was there all along, it was just hiding under the years of dust and grime.

No. I don’t REALLY want to be a rock star. Although music does play a role in this.

No. I don’t REALLY want to leave Michigan – contrary to what my husband thinks. I do want to do a bit of travel, but I like being based in the Midwest.

I’m still having a hard time putting it all into words. One thing for sure, I want to start a scholarship fund for young women. So I’m getting the wheels going on that this month. It’ll be a while before it’s fully realized, but I’ve learned that you’ve got to start somewhere, and you’ve got to START, or dreams never become reality.

So stay tuned. Big things are happening in my life. What about yours?