Lex Requests More Accountability

So an “ex” of mine up in Idaho has a blog. I only discovered it today. Hey, I told you he was an “ex”!

I use quotes because our “relationship” defies accurate description. He wasn’t really an ex in the traditional sense of the word, and I don’t consider him a FORMER friend, although I don’t think we’ve had contact in a few years. Since the last time I recall making contact, I have another kid, and so does he. And both are oldests are old since the last time I actually SAW him in the flesh.

But I digress. In catching up on his posts (yes, I started at the beginning for better contextual understanding), I found a very timely post he calls Great Technical People.

I believe that this doesn’t just apply to techs, but the greater world in general. and it all comes down to ACCOUNTABILITY, folks. It should be a required course – along with the 3 R’s and whatnot. If we all understood and used accountability in our daily lives, gosh, this planet would totally rock.

Problem is, tehre are too many people trying to live up to some false expectation in the world. Trying to be more than tehy are, or less than they could be because it’s too hard to do what’s right.

The Marketing lesson? Jeepers, if you haven’t figured it out, go read his post again.