Blast From the Past

So about 10 years ago I lived in Utah. I have a handful of friends from my Utah days, and Kyle is one of them. He was working on a film project and asked if I would narrate “the Jabberwocky”

Well, duh!

Celebrate the power of YouTube, Baby, because here’s that video I thought I would never see again.

Kyle and his wife Sharla (another Utah friend) are now proud parents for the second time. So much has changed in all our lives. Kyle was the supreme technogeek back in the day, so it was hilarious to me when he dropped me a note saying “I’ve gotta learn this new fangled Internet Thang so I can catch up with my old friends” Then he told me about this video.

My voice sounds so young, and I feel so much older now. Thanks Kyle. 🙂

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