Deb Bixler’s Only Half Right: Boost Your Power in Your Home Party Business

Party Plan coach Deb Bixler has a great quote that she uses in her direct sales articles and live home party training events:

“Smile like a tiger and show your teeth.”

According to Deb’s direct sales training article, tigers show their teeth as a menas of intimidation and a show of power. The tiger could just as easily pounce first, but by ‘showing his teeth’, he’s displaying control, confidence and power.

Thus, Deb says direct sales consultants/party plan reps should smile to increase their power in any situation.

I think Deb’s only half right.
Home Party Consultants SHOULD Smile
Smiling is very important. In fact, a good smile goes a long way toward helping a home party consultant feel more confident and in control at parties. It’s a great way to express a little intimidation: Smile, people will wonder what you’re up to!

But we can take Deb’s Tiger example even further.

Direct Sales Consultants should dress for success
I’m not saying a home party consultant should throw on her husband’s hunting clothes before she heads out to her next party – although that’s definitely BOLD! But having “power clothes” – clothes in which you feel fantastic – no, UNSTOPPABLE – also adds to your level of confidence and self esteem. Find good fitting clothes that look attractive and make you feel attractive. The way yo feelis psychologically linked to your confidence level as a home party consultant.

Home Party Reps should ‘put on their face’
The “eye of the tiger” is symbolic of the fire and drive – the passion – burning in the tiger’s heart. What’s your passion? Are you working from your passion? This could be your “why”, but in direct sales, it can also be a love of the product, enjoying doing home parties, etc. The point is to find the element that you are most passionate about, and work from that space. That way, at each of your parties, you’ll find that you’re “on fire” for the work you’re doing.

“Eyes on the side are animals that hide; eyes in front are animals that hunt”. You have to not only keep your eyes focused ahead (on your goals), but also be aware and ready for opportunities as they arise. The home party guest complaining about her job is potential “prey” for recruiting. The home party guest that’s having a blast is a potential hostess. Be alert to these possibilities.

Home Party Consultants should be seen!
Further, you want to look your “prey” in the eye. In the wild, tigers rarely attack from behind (unless they’re in a chase). They always face their prey, look them in the eye and show their teeth to convey power. They make a point of being seen.

Be a home party tiger! Show your direct sales power by not just showing your teeth (smiling), but also by putting on your best colors, looking prey (prospects) in the eye, and keeping the fire (passion) alive in your eyes.

THEN you’ll be sharing your REAL power with all your home party guests – and your profits, bookings and recruits will soar.

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