Body Temperature, twitter, and a good cup of joe

I posted on one of my other blogs about the research study Yale did on friendliness and a warm hand.

this is no joke, kiddos.

Make more money by creating a warmer environment.

One of my twitter friends (I think they’re called ‘tweeps’, i’m still learning), has figured out how to translate that into big success on Twitter and in business.

Now most people don’t think Home Party consultants need to be on twitter.

But you’re not most people, right?

If you don’t have Twitter yet, some of this might not make sense, but Ken Yu is an email copy genius, and he released two videos called “the dark side of twitter”, which ultimately outlines why twitter is so powerful – even for us unknown home party consultants.

In one month, I’ve garnered new relationships galore that are helping me grow my business on twitter.

But Ken’s videos explain WHY Twitter is so effective, and how you can make it even moreso.

And the videos are part of a HUGE giveaway package that Mark Joyner is doing to support his new “Kaizen Club” program.

And you get it all for $1. No joke.

Besides the warm cup of joe=friendlier analogy, Ken also talks about how twitter simulates the human thought process, which is part of why it’s so popular.

There’s a LOt more. I strongly encourage you go check it out. Ken’s videos aren’t even listed on the sign up page for all the bonues – but to me they are some of the BEST bonuses in teh package.