Dave Lakhani, Small Business, The BIG "R"

It must be that time of year, where I have time to read ther’s blogs and think hard about them. Here’s another post, this time, in respnse to Dave Lakhani’s post regarding the current economic trends – you know, the recession – and how it affects small business.
This is the revised, expanded edition:

Bravo Dave!
It is true that you can set yourself up for failure by creating a failure oriented mindset – that is, believing that you’re doomed to fail just because the economy sucks.

But you are essentially sticking your head in the sand – leaving your butt ripe for kickin’ – if you put all your eggs in the “mindset” basket.

And I teach on mindset, so this is critical.
Whether you think you can or can’t is only part of the equation. If you think you can’t, you’ve given up before you’ve even seen the equation. Thinking you can, is the first step – but not the only step.

The Little Engine that Could (i.e. small business) can’t just say “I Think I Can”. You have to keep moving down the track. Heck, you have to be ON the track in the first place. You also have to know where that track is heading, or you could end up on a one-way path to nowhere fast.

You can’t just think positive thoughts, or wish something away. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION, PLAN AND PREPARE for success.

To do otherwise is what got us in this mess in the first place.

The people that are taking action now are the Carnegies and Rockefellers of this century. Thse are people that saw the recession of their day for what it was, and capitalized on it, by making a plan and taking action – when others around them were wallowing in self-defeatism and failure oriented mindset. But these movers and shakers aren’t ignoring the fact that there’s a recession going on in full swing – they’re taking advantage of it, and making swift plans for massive action NOW.

So yeah, you can do something about the recession by looking forward, and even by creating a positive oriented mindset – but mindset alone doesn’t change what’s REALLY happening in the world around us.

The Physics scholars of yore got it right: and object at rest tends to stay at rest, and object in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force.

It’s action that makes all the difference – regardless of your mindset.