First Annual Backwards Gratitude List

Every year, millions of Americans take this time to sit down and think about the things for which they’re truly grateful.

I’m not to be left in the dust here. But I didn’t want to be like everyone else.

God says that we are to praise hime and be grateful for even our troubles. So I’m starting my own tradtion – things that wouldn’t appear on a “normal” gratitude list. can you think of a few to add?

This year, I am grateful for:
Having to yell at my oldest to stop playing around every time he takes a shower – because it means he can hear me, we have running water, and the time in which to enjoy it – maybe even a little more than he should.

Burning the macaroni and cheese – because it means we can cook our dinner in the comfort of our home and not over a campfire – although my oldest would think that’s cool.

For having no door on my office – because it means when my baby wants to come bug – I mean visit – me while I’m working, he can just climb up in my lap and say “come on, Mommy!”

For having a quiet, shy husband – because it means I can do all the talking sometimes – okay, most of the time.

For the check engine light that keeps coming on in my car – because that means there’s still hope for this one!

For my teeny weeny itty bitty office – because it means I get to work from home every day, and enjoy the perks of being a mom and a business owner.

For the deaths of my Mom and Grandfather in the same week – because all my family was able to be there, and I know that Grandpa didn’t have to wait long for a Euchre partner up in Heaven that can keep up with him.

For having serious issues with the leadership team of one of my party plan companies – because it gave methe gumption to find a new home party company.

Honestly this list could go on for a while. What are YOU grateful for this year?