4 Simple Strategies Saved My Life

The last 6 months have been a time of tremendous change in my life. Heck, this whole year has been a roller coaster, but especially the last half of 2008.

Things have been so crazy, and stressful, and frantic, and exciting, that my doctor told me I needed to lighten my stress load before I became another family statistic.

So I got cast in a musical, created a new direct sales training course with my good friend Ruth Fuersten, and agreed to help a friend create a website for a local comic and entertainment publication that’s being born in my home town.

And I didn’t break a sweat. Well, okay, I sweat a lot during the musical, but that was because it was hot on the stage under all those lights.

I’ve lost 15 pounds (and counting). I feel less stressed most days (remember, I’ve got 2 kids!). And I have never felt better about my business and financial future.

Why? I’m building better customers. My businesses now revolve around me, instead of revolving my businesses around my frustomers – those frustrating customers that seemed to exist oly to make my life more difficult.

So I finally said “ta ta” in 4 simple steps.

Wanna know the steps?

I’m sharing them FREE of charge on a call this Monday night. I’m not holding anything back, either. You’ll not only hear from me, but two of my “guinea pigs” that I’ve already shared this process with. They’ll be telling you how it’s helped them. And if it will help us, I know can help you, too.

Clear away the “frustomers” in your life. It could save your life, too!