Clue #2: Happy Anniversary!?

I’ve been doing some celebrating lately: Big celebrations and small ones.

In November, I celebrated the first anniversary of “PartyOn!”, my weekly ezine. It started as a monthly newsletter that went out to a whopping 7 people.

It quickly grew to a weekly publication in anticipation of the launch of my first physical product. My book, Home Party Solution, made waves in the home party/direct sales industry. I celebrate the anniversary of it’s release this month.

And I missed celebrating the one year anniversary of this humble little blog. That was in January. I’ve had my mug on the cover of this blog for a year now and no one’s complained. You can’t imagine what that does for my ego!

In the past year, I’ve seen a lot of changes. The launch of the PM2 coaching group, a joint venture with Ruth Fuersten – Direct Sales JUMP Start, as well as dozens of other new business relationships that are growing my business in new ways. Plus the recent launch of my new Build a Better Customer Program, which has gotten RAVE reviews from the participants.

But there are also a few commemorations this year. In March, I will commemorate the death of my Mom and Grandfather. They died within a week of each other last March, and that has dramatically altered the color and shape of my world. It will be 10 years since my Dad died in May, so I guess that sort of makes me an orphan.

Not to get all melancholy on you, it’s just indicative that in life, things change, and sometimes we have to bid farewell to people and things we love to make room in our lives for new relationships and things that will benefit our future in bigger and better ways. Since the funerals, my relationship with my sister has blossomed. My business took a new direction that enabled me to create the Build a Better Customer program. I got very clear on where I want my business to go, and who I want to help along the way.

How to get there, well, that’s another story.

Nature abhors a vaccum. Empty space needs to be filled up. That explains why my dining room table always has “stuff” on it.

Think you’ve got this mystery all wrapped up? Post your ideas below. The first person to correctly guess the big announcement will win the keys to my kingdom – every physical product I’ve ever created!