Clue #3: Chinese New Year Resolutions

Chinese New Year officially was Jan 26.

That’s good news, since most people have blown their New Year’s Resolutions to smithereens by then.

It makes February a good time to get a fresh start. You can basically commit to re-committing yourself to achieving all those resolutions you set out to attain in January.

This month, why not make a move to clear out all the clutter? Get rid of the old projects and tasks that have been holding you back from finding real success! Take on some new challenges, and embrace change that will move your life forward with new momentum.

In January, I launched the pilot program for Build a Better Customer. This program has changed my life inprofoud ways in the past 6 months. In January, I unveiled the pilot program to a select number of clients. The results were SO amazing! The limited number of people that participated in this program gained so much clarity in their lives and focus on their goals!

Achievement was all over these guys! They made some amazing strides. What a great way to launch their new year.

And it gave me some great ideas about the kinds of people I want to work with and serve in the future. My heart will always be in direct sales. I’ve been a direct sales consultant, coach and leader for over 12 years. I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for anything.

But I also discovered that I love serving business women regardless of their industry. Direct sales is but a small slice of the female entrepreneurial market. And I want the opportunity to reach out and help them, too. That’s part of why I created this program. BBC isn’t just for home party consultants. It’s for anyone that wants to gain clarity in their business, and work with their perfect fit customer. By focusing on one question every day, you develop the power within yourself to take your business to new levels.

The question? It’s really not a mystery:

“I am building better customers. My perfect fit customer is looking for me right now. What can I do TODAY to help them find me faster, help them find me faster, help them find me faster?”

It’s a very powerful question. When coupled with the other tools in the program, we’ve seen increases in job satisfaction, boosts in booking, sales and recruiting, as well as more clarity in the drection of people’s lives.

One of my resolutions for the year was to help moer people find success in their business. In particular, I have a goal to help 10 entrepreneurs attain a 6 figure income in the next 12 months. I am happy to say that that is one resolution I haven’t blown.

As for eliminating chocolate from my diet…well, I guess I’ll have to try again for Chinese New Year.