Clue #4: Scriptually Speaking…

Here’s where I’ll lose a truckload of subscribers, but I’m okay with that.

I am a Christian.

I am a God-fearing woman that has really struggled with the question “Just how much God can I sprinkle into my work without coming across as a Bible thumper?”

I still screw up. I still make horrible, terrible mistakes in my life. I am FAR from perfect. And I still love God and hear the voice of the Baptist pastor from my youth telling the entire congregaton that if we wanted to have peace in our hearts, “You need JEEESUS!”

I don’t think it’s wrong to say I need Jesus. I don’t think it’s wrong to share that love and gratitude with others – or to cite the source. To NOT do so would be contrary to everything I believe, in terms of giving credit where credit is due.

To God be the glory.

That said, I DO think it’s wrong to try to ram scripture down the throats of people that aren’t interested. That’s just a waste of time and energy -two commodities I’ve discovered this year that are very precious to me. I think it was Victor Frankl, in his book, Man’s Search For Meaning, that laid down a challenge to meet people where they are. You can’t push people into your space. They have to be led, and desire to go there of their own will. Only then will they embrace the space you’re in as their own.

So while my Catholic charge is to preach the good news in the world, as a business person, I have to temper my fervor for God by meeting people where they are. Many of the business women I work with are stay-at-home moms. Many are from a Judeo-Christian background, but some are not. My business is NOT here to convert people. But it IS an extension of my mission to serve God.

So as a Christian, how do I convey to the world that part of why I’m good at what I do is a direct result of the relationship I have with my creator and sustainer?

That was one of the biggest challenges I faced when I was developing the Build a Better Customer Program. In fact part of creating my perfect fit customer was the idea that I wanted to serve more Christian business women – regardless of their industry. But I also wanted to continue to serve my core client base – home party consultants – in a way that would elevate everyone and help me fulfill my mission without burning bridges unnecessarily.

I created Home Party Solution because a number of my friends, family and fellow direct sales consultants said that I should write a book about how I grew my business. ‘PartyOn!’ was a newsletter I created because I wanted to help consultants grow their business like a real business. Everything I’ve ever done in this crazy little company has been an extention of serving others.

I wanted to help others. I wanted to bless others as God had blessed me. There’s no real secret to my success. I just found something that worked for me and I implemented it. I stayed consistent with it, and I was rewarded for my commitment.

So as I roll into 2009, I’m looking at ways to help even more people, reach even more people, and effect positive change in the lives of even MORE people still.

Think you’ve figured out my Big Announcement? Post your guess here. I’ll announce the big winner (and the BIG Announcement) on the Blog on Sunday night.