What the Devil’s Goin’ On Around Here?

So my husband calls me from work on Wednesday and tells me we need to cancel our trip. He said that work was a chaotic mess and that he couldn’t leave with things out of control. Add to that the fact that a co-worker had to tend to his father’s medical emergency, and well, he had to stay, and had to work on what were supposed to be his days off.

I was SO bummed, I almost cried.

My oldest was pouting and pcing the floor, very upset that he was going to miss out on swimming at the hotel. North Carolina is balmy compared to the zero degree weather we have in Flint, right now.

I was more bummed that I wasn’t going to be able to hook up with my pal from school and my new pal, Tracy Needham.

But I finally figured out that I could use this time to be TOTALLY productive – since everyone thought I was leaving town anyway!

No phone calls, no distractions, no email just focus on getting things done.

Then I had a MAJOR epiphany. One that will change my business FOREVER.
I make the big announcement Sunday night. But if you can guess what it is, you’ll win the KEYS to my Kingdom: a copy of every physical product I’ve ever created.

I know you’ll never guess. In fact, I’ll drop clues to you all weekend, and I bet you’ll STILL never guess.

It’s transformative, and it’s going to blow EVERYONE out of the water!

Here’s the first hint (as if the above wasn’t enough):

My good friend is a Mardi Gras FANATIC. She absoluetly loves the celebration, the history, culture and heritage of the whole event. She frequently visits New Orleans during this festive time, when the whole town becomes a giant street party. She knows more trivia than you can possibly imagine, and is currently holding a trivia contest as a lead up to her big Mardi Gras Party at the end of February. While I’ll be at her house getting swept up in the revelry of Fat Tuesday (on a Saturday!), another tradition will have already begun.


So what’s your guess? Post a comment to this post, and more clues will be coming every few hours. The First Person to correctly guess the big changes will get the keys to my kingdom: a copy of every physical product I’ve ever created!