Clue #11: What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

That’s the title of a book I checked out at the local library a few weeks ago.

Regretfully, it was also the book I didn’t get to read before it was due back. I had also checked out half a dozen other books that I thought would be a quick read, but Tim Ferris’ “4 Hour Work Week” kept me busier than a 1-armed paper hanger in a stiff breeze.

But the title caught my eye, because in my heart I know it’s true. What got you to the level of success you are presently at in life won’t get you to the next level of success in your life.

Realize, of course, that “success” is a relative term. If you’re living in a one room hovel with no floor and no heat, it’s going to take more than that to bring you to the next level of success in your life. Likewise, if you’re pulling down $42 billion a year, you’ll need to think beyond where you’re at to get to $43 billion.

I’ve maintained for years that success has to be on your terms. You are the only person that can define what success is for you.

Maybe it’s just keeping a roof over your head.
Maybe it’s paying cash for your kid’s college education.
Maybe it’s early retirement and being debt free.
Maybe it’s 12 yachts, 2 helicopters and a vacation home on every continent.

Whatever success is on your terms is where your passion/mission lies.
I want to help you find it because what got you where you are now, won’t (by itself) be enough to get you where you want to go next.

And do you even know where “there” is?
Many people don’t. Some THINK they do, but often they are living a pttern that was cut out by someone else FOR them.

Once you find your passion/mission in life, everything else pales in comparison, and you are compelled to live it.

Everyone should not only get a glimpse of their passion, they should get to live it fully and completely.

And helping people get there is MY mission.

I was very serious when I said I wanted to find 10 people this year and help them hit the 6 figure income mark. That’s NOT what this contest is related to, but I figure the more people I let know about it, the better my chances of those 10 people finding me.

But more than helping 10 people break 6 figures in 12 months, I want to help as many of you as possible find that focus in your business, that passion that drives you to be at your absolute best and perform beyond even YOUR expectations. And find YOUR definition of Ultimate success.

Maybe I’m a little hungover from soaking in a lot of reading on human potential. Maybe I’m a little nuts, but I’ve see what the human mind – and human beings – are capable of achieving when they find their “calling”.

Nothing can stop them. They become like machines bent on fulfilling their prupose.
I want you to be unstoppable, fully charged, and ready to get from here to “there” in your life.

So I’m giving away something that will take you from where you are now to your next step. That’s the first half of this big announcement.

But what am I giving away?
And what’s Part 2 of this big announcement?

Just a few more hours!