Clue #12: Closing Doors

I posted a few weeks ago about how we sometimes stand starting at a closed door, wondering what happened, when, in reality, we need to be looking at the window that just opened up down the way.

I’m closing a door at the end of February.

I can’t say it any plainer than that. So please don’t stand staring at it, hoping it will re-open.

That door is closed forever.

Which door? You’ll find out in less than an hour. But who cares!?!

You should be looking for the window.

There are people that will call me a meat head for closing this door.
There are people that will sratch their heads and wonder what I’m up to.
And there are people that will bang on that door for weeks after it’s been closed, trying to get back in.

They should be looking for the window.
There WILL be a window of opportunity between tonight’s announcement and the closing door at theend of the month.

Will you be looking for it?
Will you take advantage of it?
Or will you sit there, scratching your head, staring at the door, come March?

This isn’t a scare tactic. This isn’t a “going out of business sale”.
This is me, culling the wheat from the chaff. Closing the door on projects that aren’t as good a they could be to make way for something SO amazing, you’ll fall out of your chair when you hear about it later tonight.

At least I HOPE you’ll fall out of your chair. I think it’s pretty exciting.