Clue #8: Mein Kampf – For Business

Say what you will about Adolph Hitler, but that was a man with a mission.

He knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish in his lifetime, he wrote it all out in a book, and then set out to accomplish it.

It’s said that if people had given more creedence to his book “Mein Kampf”, his vicious tear through Eurpoe could have been prevented.

But people wouldn’t listen to a humble housepainter – until that housepainter became the infamous “HITLER”.

Mein Kampf translates as “my struggle” and in his book, he literally outlines virtually every single choice he ultimately made as the ruler of Germany during the Nazi regime.

What I’m about to share is nothing so sinister, although it ties into my previous clue about creating a crack addiction.

When you write things down, it makes them more tangible. It gives them more credence, and it outlines more clearly, the steps you need to take to achieve them.

So for a “pusher” to be successful, he must first:
obtain a product that obtains the desired effect
Offer free samples to the unsuspecting public
provide a supply to the addicts for a price
offer freebies to addicts that bring more customers
rinse and repeat

When followed precisely, the pusher always has a steady stream of clients coming in. And if someone dies along the way,it’s no biggie, because they’ve got plenty more people coming in on a daily basis. They just need to keep up with supply and demand.

To the uninitiated, this sounds liek a cold, calculating attempt to part you from your hard earned cash. And it would be except that in my analogy, the products I’m offering don’t kill you. At least I haven’t heard anything so crazy yet.

This is the exact model that most business owners try to replicate, except they usually omit one or two steps, thus flawing the system.

In order to create a crack addiction with your customers, you MUST follow the steps exactly:

Create a great product (a newsletter isn’t enough anymore)
Give it away free (FREE, not for a very low price, FREE!)
Create a second product even better than the first and command a good price for it
Offer specials/discounts/freebies to customers that bring in new clients
rinse and repeat

The people that fall in love with your product will tell other people – why not reward them? That’s part of the reason affiliate programs and customer loyalty programs have become so popular in the last decade.

Spreading the word creates an exponentially increasing customer base. As you continue to create better products (everything can be improved upon), people will seek you out. Because you have a reputation for “good stuff”, people will be willing to pay the price you ask – instead of having to slash prices during a recession.

It’s all around us right now. People closing up shop, slashing prices, “everything must go” attitudes. I would bet that drug dealers aren’t feeling the pinch. They aren’t lowering prices because they know there’s someone out there willing to pay for their “good stuff”.

And during times like these, MORE people are probably turning to them because they want to escape from the depression all around them.

And so it goes in business. If you’ve created something so spectacular that people are lining up to get it, you can afford to NOT slash prices because you’ve got people willing to pay you for your product or service.

You can literally start your own campaign for world domination – or at least your business world.

This is my manifesto. It’s my plan of conquest – one addict at a time. Me and my army of addicts are going to change the face of the business world. We’re going to storm through the streets in hamlets and cities and declare an end to regurgitated information at insanely high prices. We’re going to demand quality and quantity, and not settle for cookie cutter coaching.

We’re raising the bar, creating a “super race” of business people that are smart, savvy, and ready to grow powerful businesses for the benefit of themselves AND mankind. We’re an army of women that are tired of being lied to, sold to, and cheated out of our dreams. We’re taking control of our businesses and creating the future WE dreamed about – the future God has planned for us.

We’re committing ourselves to excellence, and sharing knowledge, and pushing the envelope for constant improvement. We’ll take our message across the globe, and create a community of devotees (addicts, if you will), that will spread this message one addict at a time.

Insert maniacal laughter here.

In all seriousness, this is the way good companies are built. Jeep created a hard core fan base – Jeep addicts. Same with Hummer, Apple, Coke, Virgin, and dozens more. They stand for something, create a culture, and promote the heck out of it. They give to get. Give an experience, get a loyal customer, repay the customer’s loyalty, get an addict. Addicts beget addicts. And the cycle continues.

And so it is with me.

Have you got it figured out yet? We’re getting down to the wire and I’m sharing more and more details as we get closer to the BIG unveil tonight at 7pm Eastern.

You can post your guesses here. I’ll be checking in periodically, and the first person to correctly guess will be declared the winner of every physical product I’ve ever created. I’ll announce that winner at 7PM as well. Good luck everyone!

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