The BIG Unveiling: What The Heck IS Going ON?

Let’s piece the clues together:

I’m closing the doors to something at the end of February (or sooner).
I’ve gotten very clear on who I want to help and where I want my business to go.
I’m not just addressing the Direct Sales industry.
I’m focusing on working with Christian business women.
I’m giving something away for free.
I’m also creating something even better.
I’m doing it in a BIG way.
There’s going to be some VIDEO involved.
And I keep mentioning my “Build a Better Customer” Program

Can you stand it any longer? Okay, here’s the BIG news:
Say goodbye to Home Party Solution as you know it. That ship has sailed.

Or it will come the end of February (or when all the current copies are sold out).

Yep. I told you people would think I’m nuts.
More on that in a minute.

What am I giving away? The entire updated curriculum for the Build a Better Customer program. In full – with nothing left out.

See, during the pilot program, I was hesitant to share a lot of what made this program really tick for me. Quite honestly, my faith and belief in God really drives my success, and it’s at the core of this program.

I felt like I had to water it down tremendously in order to create “mass appeal” for the product.

But in my coaching sessions, my clients were actually appreciative of the references to God and faith, when I was feeling so apologetic about it. It became clear to me that THIS was the way GOD wanted me to operate. Not from some shady, half-veiled product creation.

And someone once said that knowledge should be free. I agree to a point. I believe that basic constructs designed to improve our human existence shouldn’t have a pricetag. I also believe that my hard work and creativity should be rewarded/compensated appropriately.

So after offering up this project in prayer, I’ve decided that the beginning of my “crack addiction’ will be to GIVE the content in my Build a Better Customer Program away. I’m still working out the details, but rest assured, this program will be a fantastic tool in your business building arsenal. I’ve already charged hundreds for this content, and I feel confident that it’s worth ten times what others have paid for it – especially now that I’m dding in all the components, like my P.E.A.C.E. process that brings even more clarity to the method.

Yep, I know. My husband thinks I’m mentally ill, too.
But I say I’m crazy like a fox.

See, when you’ve gone through this system, you’ll feel so empowered, so motivated, and so ready to do what comes next, you’ll KNOW what you need to do. And I’ll be there to provide you with teh step-by-step coaching to take your business to the next level.

I will, in short, have created my ‘crack addiction’.

Yeah, but what about Home Party Solution? Before you stand there, staring at the door, I want you to know that it’s not gone forever – it will be making a comeback – but in a completely reborn format.

More comprehensive, more informative, and so much EASIER to follow. This will be a multimedia experience like you’ve never seen before in the direct sales industry. But it will come at a MUCH bigger price tag.

Yep, there I go, raising prices when everyone else is lowering them. I really am insane, huh?

Not really.

See, I can’t afford to keep cranking out the same old stuff that everyone else is churning out on a monthly basis. You’re too savvy for that. If you’re like me, you’re tired of seeing the same stuff, repackaged with a shiny new label.

About every six months, I’ve released an updated version of Home Party Solution, incorporating the latest information and strategies for using online marketing to grow your business. And each time I do, I raise the price. Because I’m adding more content and more knowledge. I’m shortening your learning curve immensely.

And I think that’s worth a few pennies in the bucket.
But the one thing I kept hearing over and over was that people wanted to see some video, hear some audio, make it a little more interactive.

Your wish is my command.

So I’ll be spending the next couple of months totally revising, revamping and suping up the engine that is Home Party Solution. In the end, the finished product will actually be TWO products: A solution specifically for Direct Sales consultants, and another solution targeted to small business owners in general.

So much of what I teach crosses over, and I’ve seen my subscriber base expand from just home party consultants to a wider array of work from home, small business entrpreneurs.

It will be concise, powerful, portable and interactive. And we’re going to cover more than just the basics. You won’t BELIEVE what you’re going to be experiencing. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, you best pick up your copy of Home Party Solution before it becomes a collector’s item. Once that happens, people could be selling it on ebay for a few hundred bucks.

Don’t laugh! I’ve seen it happen before!

When they’re gone, we’re closing the doors. And I promise you it’ll be at LEAST March before the new version is ready – possibly even April or May. I’m not going to do this thing half way. If you want the insider tips and secrets I’ve been sharing with my clients for the past year, now’s the time to get on the bandwagon before every last copy is sold out.

Yes, the PM2 Mastermind group will still be available, and if you get the complete Home Party Solution package now, you can lock in the lowest PM2 rate now.

Don’t stand there staring at the door at the end of February. Jump through the window now while there’s still time!

It looks like Lauren is our big winner, although I got a few emails asking all kinds of questions in addition to the posts on the blog. I think you got all the big elements of the announcement: closing Home Party Solution, giving away BBC. email me, girlie, and I’ll get your content out to you.