Video & Me: A tale of perfectionism

So I’ve always beleived that if you’re going to put something “out there” for the public, it should be edited, proofed, and generally above reproach.

Quality counts. It’s why God invented the red pen in the first place, isn’t it?

You need to check your mistakes, and keep yourself from distributing CRAP.

I believed (and still do to some degree) that if it couldn’t sell on a shelve in Borders or Barnes and Noble, you shouldn’t be trying to sell it online.

I’m referencing quality here, folks, not necessarily the content.

If you’ve got an e-book full of typos, horrible formating and a generally lack-luster appearance, take a few minutes to give it a once over. A real editor at a real publishing company wouldn’t put their name on something so poorly presented.

Because we DO judge a book by it’s cover.

And the same goes for audios. From the beginning, all my audio CD’s have had music, light editing, and a voice-over (I did them myself, but at least I had them!) to give it a moer professional feel.

And now, my new mentor has suggested I venture more fully into the realm of video.


Here’s where my perfectionism really rears it’s ugly head. I mean, people are going to be LOOKING at me. I have a great radio voice, and as a singer and actor, I’m fairly confident in my delviery of recorded material.

But put my face on camera?


But I whipped out my camera to shoot a few “quick videos” for my upcoming STAR Power 12 month coaching program for direct sales leaders.

Quick is what it SHOULD have been.

I found myself fussing over the need to script the segments, to make sure the composition didn’t look horrible, check the lighting, my hair, makeup…

Yeah, quick turned into a 2 hour project.

And I’m still not delighted with the results.

But I am learning that when it comes to online video, imperfect can actually be a good thing.

Listening to a teleclass with @themetromom, Kim DeYoung, she revealed that doing a “quick and dirty” video actually instills confidence in her coaching clients, because then they have the courage to go out and shoot video of their own.

So I have a series of videos I’m posting here over the next few days as we lead up to the launch of the STAR ower program.

My hair ain’t perfect, I probably have little makeup on, and you just might hear a screaming baby in the background.

I’m told that’s okay. So I’m going to hold you to it. If you absolutely hate these videos, don’t sue me or anything. Just be gentle, because it’s new territory for me.

And if you like them (or even LOVE them), PLEASE let me know. See? Even I’m not as courageous as I could be, and your opinions DO matter to me.

I’m real, I’m a little blunt sometimes, and I tell it like it is. I also offer juicy tidbits as a sneak peek at what we’re covering in my new coaching program. We’re strictly limiting the number of participants inthe program, and once it’s full, we’re closing the doors – possibly forever. If you want to coach personally with me, this is the best chance to learn all my secrets to success.

Just know that the quality of the program is in no way reflected in the quality of the video production. I promise!

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