Mastermind With Your Teams For Direct Sales Success

Ever wonder why you attend those monthly sales meetings?

If you were working in a mastermind, you wouldn’t.

The power of a mastermind is when the entire group is transformed – even on fire – for the mutual benefit of all involved. One of the best masterminds I was ever involved in was back in college, when a bunch of us composer types got together to share our new music, bounce ideas off one another and often be inspired to new, greater ideas because of our involvement in the group.

THAT’S the power of a mastermind. No one person makes or breaks a mastermind – everyone has something to contribute. It’s not a committee meeting, it’s a meeting of the minds – to form a GREATER mind (if you’ll allow me to get spiritual for a second), that benefits all of them in ways that could never be achieved alone.

Think about that the next time you’re heading out to a monthly sales meeting – how could you turn it into a mastermind session – particularly if you’re the leader hosting the event?

Gone are the days when a figurehead reigns supreme over the meeting – there are too many smart, savvy business women in direct sales now. We’re not sheep!

We’ve got ideas – and sometimes we can take YOUR idea and make it even better.

So there!

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