Direct Sales Muscles Need Stretching

[Note: This is an excerpt from me free Build a Better Customer Program that’s available to all members of the Home Party Solution Community. Register today to recieve the entire program as my gift to you. That’s how important I think it is to target market. My brother-in-law is presently in the hospital as the final stages of his disease make their move. – Lisa]

When I was writing yesterday, I thought about my brother-in-law, who lives with a horrible crippling disease that essentially erodes his bones from the inside out. It’s very rare, and few who are diagnosed live past childhood. He’s a miracle, still living in his 30’s. Though he’s paralyzed from the waste down, he lays himself out every single day to stretch his muscles. He’s on a strict regimen of medications, exercises and nutrition to help keep his bone density as high as possible.

Muscles that aren’t stretched will atrophy. The nature of building muscle is such that you create small tears in the tissue when you exercise. The muscle then repairs itself during rest, making it stronger than it was before.

You have to stretch if you want to grow stronger. If you want to die, stay where you are.

How can you stretch yourself in healthy ways? I don’t mean dong MORE things than you can handle, but rather DIFFERENT things that would broaden your horizons, extend your business network, or build your skills. Small stretches that will build your “comfort zone” muscles.

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