Ask Lisa #1: As a Direct Seller, Where do I start Online?

The number one comment I hear from consultants is “my company won’t let me advertise online, so your book won’t work for me.”

Once I get them past that hump, the next question I hear is usually THIS one: “where do I start? I have no clue where to begin, and there’s so much to consider”.

Here’s my answer:

The answer is simple. Build your list of LOYAL customers (I call this your ‘value list’). Don’t just build a list of a jillion names and numbers of people that don’t want to connect with you. Build a list of people that find VALUE in what you offer, and wan to stay connected with you. Think of it as your fan mail list.

And for Pete’s sake, do it professionally. There are right ways and wrong ways to build a value list online. Using Outlook, or your AOL/Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail email account is NOT the way to do it. Try 1shoppingcart, or if you need something with pretty templates, try I share a couple of free resources in my book, but these services are also highly recommended.

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