Direct Sales & Google: A Primer

Recently, I got a couple of emails asking about getting more visibility in google – including higher search engine rankings. While the whole of SEO is beyond the scope of this article, there ARE two easy ways to get yourself “noticed” by Google. One is fast, and wll get you to page one on Google within a day or two, the other may take more time.

The fastest and easiest way is to set up your google profile. Google allows you to great a profile page that shares a bit of who you are -including links to any of your websites.

This is a super smart tool for the direct seller who wants to drive traffic to a personal website (NOT your company site, unless that’s permissible by your company). Simply add the URL’s for any sites about you – including your facebook and twitter profile page. Add a recent photo, and you’ve got a great way to appear on the first page of Google any time someone Googles your name. Plus, with a VERY high page rank, Google profiles will lend credibility to your site, and increase your exposure.

Google also allows you to add your own URL to Google’s database manually. This can take a lot longer for Google to index, because it prefers to find naturally linked sites, but I always recommend adding your site just to be on the safe side. Google never guarntees that a site will be included, and you need to make sure that you don’t violate any company policies that your direct sales company may have regarding submitting their name to search engines.

I always recommend submitting your own sites – not those of your company – just to keep your nose clean. Plus, as I always say, YOU are the most important product your company has to offer, so promote yourself first!

Have more questions about marketing yourself online? Google is just one piece of the online marketing puzzle. Without an online marketing strategy (social media, etc), you may find yourself pulling your hair out and calling it quits before any real progress is made. Lisa Robbin Young is the only Certified Direct Sales Marketing Coach in the WORLD, and can take the guesswork out of using the Internet to promote your direct sales business. Visit the free online community for direct sellers today at

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