KickStart America – Starting in Flint, MI!

I want to be one of 100 people to make a real difference in the US.

Those of you that know me, realize that my passion has been to help direct sellers achieve greater success using the power of the Internet. Well today, Dave Lakhani, author of “How to Sell When Nobody’s Buying”, pointed me to his new challenge.

KickStart America, is birthing as we speak. Dave wants 100 supporters to help make this event a reality. Dave’s vision is to help out the most devastated communities in the U.S. by bringing training and education – as well as entrepreneurial resources – to “Kick Start America”.

And I believe my own hometown is one of those most devastated.

Flint, MI has been RAVAGED by the mass exodus of General Motors, Delphi, et al. We’ve been an automotive town from thevery beginning of autos! Now, our community is filled with homeless people, yet we’ve got hundreds of homes sitting vacant and ROTTING away due to absentee landlords and uninhabitable conditions. Yes, we even have people campng out in these abandoned buildings for shelter. Who needs a tent city when you can just crawl into an abandoned house?

There are still bright spots on Flint’s horizon, though. We have one of the most active and vibrant cultural communities in the nation. Our cultural center, with art gallery, library,orchestra, music school, theaters, etc. ranks in the top 10% in the US. We have some amazing parks – designed by the same guy that designed Central Park in NYC.

There are so many GOOD things about Flint, which is one of the reasons I came back, and keep cajoling my husband into staying here.

But the community did what many communities have done – we put all our eggs in the basket of one major employer – and have been reeling frmo the aftershocks ever since “Roger & Me” put Flint in the national limelight.

So I want to make a difference. This is a huge step for me – esecially since I only found out about it less than a half an hour ago.

I’m making a plea to all my peeps, clients, acquaintances, family, etc. I want Flint to be a stand out community for all the right reasons again. To get Dave here, we need to raise some funds.

You can watch Dave’s video here and share his message with the world.

I already emailed him and told him I was in. The rest is up to you.

I’m volunteering to be one of the 100 people he needs to make this event a success, but I need your financial help and your stories to make this happen.

this is an unusual post for my blog,but one I felt compelled to do almost instantly because I know how desparately my community needs something like this. Flint most definitely needs a KickStart.

Any contribution will be an amazing help to the cause. We’ve already started securing contributions – and I’ve only been on the phone for about 10 minutes. Can we count on YOUR support?

Call me, shoot me an email, send me a message on facebook or twitter. Together, we can help Kick Start America in a BIG way. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!