5 Ways to Build a Responsive List

The money is in the list. That’s what today’s marketers will tell you.

But that’s a half truth. The money is in the responsive list.

The phone book is a great example of a list that is mostly worthless for marketing purposes. Yes, there’s money to be had in that list, but the time and effort you’ll expend trying to extract it could be put to better use labeing your catalogs.

You need a responsive list. You may have heard me talk in the past about creating a customer crack addiction. These are customers that are so excited about working with you, that they’re almost addicted to what you have to say, and more importantly, what you have to offer.

It’s been said that if we only had 1000 true fans, most of us could live a comfortable lifestyle. These 1000 true fans would flock to our classes, devour everything we ever teach them, and be the first to own one of everything we’ve ever offered.

Yet, most of us are quite content to take whatever we’re given and keep our mouths shut.

If you are truly building “You, Inc.”, you need to consider how to gro a responsive list. Take a cue from Aunt Barbara.

You can visit youtube on any given day and you’ll see dozens of videos from “Aunt Barbara” – a Tupperware representative with a twist – HE does all of his parties in drag, dressed as a quintessential 1950’s marm, complete with the beehive hair and the red lipstick.

This guy sold over $100,000 in Tupperware last year and was featured on MSNBC. He’s created a following of fans that enjoy his irreverent, on the fringe style of Tupperware parties, and they watch his videos religiously.

While you may not be ready to dress in drag, there are ways to build a responsive list that can have you seeing six figure sales as well.

1. Video. Sites like youtube and viddler not only allow you to post videos, you can create whole channels for your content, and promote them as well. Videos that go viral – like Aunt Barbara – mean more eyeballs. More eyeballs convert to clicks, clicks convert to buyers. Video is fast, and still forgiving. You don’t need to be perfect, just genuine.

2. Ezines. Still the tried and true way to regularly reach your “tribe” of faithful, ezines are still effective. They target your market and provide you with a level of credibility when used consistently. If you can’t be conistent, though, avoid getting started with ezines. Responsive lsis will come to expect them like clockwork.

3. Articles. Related to ezines, but not exactly the same, posting articles on article sites like can help drive traffic and build your list as well.

4. Blogs. A great way to generate a lot of traffic, it can be tricky to convert blog readers into list members without a strong call to action to do so. Make sure you have some sort of opt-in link or subscription form near every post to ensure those that want to sign up will.

5. Social Media. This is a fantastic way to create a following, but like blogs can be tricky to convert followers into list members. Post too many links, and you’re seen as spammy. You really have to walk the line and provide a lot of value for this to be effective. When done properly, though, your social media fans will be some of your most vocal advocates in the marketplace.

Once you start building a responsive list, you’ll quickly see a return on your investment of value. People that complain about giving away free content to their lists are generally the ones still using a phonebook instead of a targeted list of raving fans. People want good reasons to do business with you, and they want to be sure you’re the real deal. Giving value first goes a long way toward building a responsive list, and each of these methods provides value in a real, tangible way for minimal expense.

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