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People have been asking me for months now if what I teach inside the pages of Home Party Solution will work for them – even if they don’t have a network marketing, or direct sales business.

I love this question, because it means they haven’t read the book yet. If they had, they’d know the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, I’ve been using some of the same strategies I teach in this book with my Simpleology Coaching clients – and many of them don’t have a network marketing business of any kind. I’ve used these strategies with authors, owners of a theater, and other businesses that need to put a personal face on the work that they do.

While there are some aspects of the book that talk directly to people in the direct selling profession, the bulk of the book is geared to any small business owner.

If you are a micro biz owner, a solo-professional, or anyone trying to develop a personal brand online and attract more perfect fit clients using strategic target marketing, social media, websites, opt-ins and more, it’s time to consider my 12 week challenge.

I’m even going to let a 6 lucky readers have access to the entire program FREE (with product and services totally nearly $10,000 for the 12 week program).

Intrigued? Read on…

The Home Party Solution 12 Week Challenge is a telecoaching program that walks you through the entire online marketing model I’ve used to create several successful businesses. We begin with mindset issues, then develop a “perfect fit” customer profile, and lay out the strategies you’ll need to grow your business using personal branding and the power of the Internet. From websites to blogs to social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

And if you’re like many business owners I know, it’s hard to know what you’ll be doing in 12 weeks, so if you need to miss a class, you’ll even have the MP3’s to listen to to keep moving forward, or to re-listen to a strategy you might have missed.

It’s easy to enter. Just answer this question:

What is your biggest challenge with marketing your business online?

What you’ll win:
All eligible entrants will get complimentary access to the March 2010 Super Summit Teleseries – and the audio downloads (a $100 REAL value, people paid that much for each of my two previous summits and March looks to be even MORE spectacular!).

10 winners will get a 1-on-1 Target Marketing Session with me ($175 REAL value – I charge and get $175 per half our of coaching). We’ll spend 30 minutes honing in on your perfect-fit customer and develop a preliminary marketing strategy to help you reach your target market and attract customers you WANT to work with.

5 winners will get access to the entire 12 week challenge – including Audio downloads ($297 REAL value – only 175 seats will be available for this event – and the first 5 will be filled here!)

ONE Grand prize winner will get all of the above (That’s a $472 REAL value, folks)

How to Enter:
Write a paragraph, describing your biggest challenge with marketing your business online – you don’t NEED to be involved in a Direct Sales business to enter or win. Just write it up and post it either to your blog or facebook with a link back to this post. Then email us at so that we know you’re eligible for the prizes. You’ll get a confirmation email right away.

You can also post your question here and then Share This Post on twitter or facebook (or both!).

Here’s the link, if you want to tell your friends and neighbors:

Aren’t engaged in social media? You can still enter by emailing your entry to the email address above. All eligible entries will be posted to this blog, regardless of how you enter.

Contest Rules:
Winners will be selected at random from all eligible entries on October 20, 2009. Only one entry per email address is allowed. Winners will be notified via email and an announcement will be made on this blog.

Tomorrow, you’ll learn more about the 12 week challenge. We begin October 26 and there’s only 175 total spaces available, and tickets go on sale soon. If you purchase your ticket and are declared a contest winner, your purchase will be refunded.

Best of luck everyone!


  1. Vicki

    My biggest challenge with online marketing? I can't write a single thing. Some people say write what you know about – I know about my kids and the wonderful books that I sell. Some people call it bragging, other people care less. I set myself apart by great customer service, but it doesn't seem to make a dent in repeat customers. I have too many directions to go in and can't concentrate enough on one to be a pro!

  2. TomboyKaren

    I'm ridiculously busy, doing everything myself, and yet not making the money I should be for my efforts. Sure is hard to team-build because I don't appear to be 'duplicatable' – I look like a master juggler or super mom/woman. And I have several other businesses I want to launch. I'd dearly love to learn how to efficiently manage an online presence that will make people contact me for my products and free training. I also want to drive traffic to my rarely visited website so women can learn about Tomboy Tools. With those 2 things under control, I would be able to better focus on customer and hostess service because we all know that the fortune is in the follow up!
    Thank you,
    Karen D.

  3. PureRomance Holly

    My biggest chalenge with online marketing is that I don't know where is the best place to start. I've been building my business for 3 years and have just begun to have some sucess and I'd like to look into online marketing.


  4. Helen Onulak

    I love sharing tutorials, tips, ideas, and projects. I believe my strength is in helping my customers get the most out of their purchases – helping them to create more scrapbook pages or cards – to get more done.

    I'm picking up a lot of followers on Twitter and Facebook. I have also increased the number of newsletter sign-ups.

    My biggest challenge with marketing my business online is learning how to build the bridge from newsletter sign-ups to customers.

  5. the coolest girl on the planet - HA!

    Here's another Entry from Kathy K:

    My biggest challenge is…Where do I start? No,
    seriously, where do I start? I have all kinds of leads, names, addresses
    etc. How do I make it all work to get the best return? I'm not the most
    techno savvy, so when people start talking "squeeze pages, auto
    responders, blogs…. my eyes glaze over! Help!

  6. Shawnasie Shear

    As an Independent Scent-Sations Distributor that focuses on the candles my company offers, I find it hard to build my customer base online as the people can't smell the candles. When looking for business partners, I find it difficult to consistently talk to all the people I know on the many sites I am part of. I am a mother of 4 young children and finding a few consistent hours to be online each day is difficult.

    Shawnasie Shear

  7. Jazmine

    i know we can't physically get a person to click the click button, but "how" do we get a person t click the click button

  8. Kim

    My biggest challenge is finding the time to add another task to my business. I'm barely able to manage coaching hostesses, going to parties, sponsoring and training new consulatns. Just can't figure out how to add another thing to my plate!

  9. Jo C.

    My biggest challenge in marketing my business online is the learning curve associated with the various social networking tools. I totally *get* how valuable these are but taking the time to learn how to use each one seems so painful. Then, once you've learned how to use them there's the time, energy and brainpower needed to manage and actively participate in each one on an ongoing basis. By the time I catch up on other people's posts, I often feel like I have nothing to say! It's also positively mind-boggling to me how some people can keep up one or more blogs, post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and still manage to keep the other parts of their business running smoothly.

  10. Michelle Hostetter

    I love all the new information that I am getting about social media. I am having trouble finding the time to set everything up and then have time to post regularly. I have a party plan business and do booth events. Help!!!

  11. the coolest girl on the planet - HA!

    Another Entry:

    I think my biggest challenge is trying to learn how to market my business with the use of social networking. I work a full time job and it is really hard for me to make calls every nite to encorage customers to have a party.
    Then there is the time away from home for the parties. I am not as young as I used to be and would like to work "my business" and still have time to spend with my husband at nite. I feel I am active on the computer but just not as social network savy as I should be or would like to be… HELP I could really use your expertise…

    Tamera James

  12. the coolest girl on the planet - HA!

    Another entry from Alva:

    My greatest challenge is how to get started with online marketing since I already have a website through my company. I need more target market customers to hit my website. How do I do this? I have read the e tasks to do to get started that you, Lisa, wrote. I just think that I need someone to be accountable to. I need the structure.

  13. Jennifer

    I find that my biggest website challenge, and I am sure it is wrong, is feeling like I have to have an incredible site to even put it out for the whole world to see. Flsahy graphics, incredible content, stuffed to the brim with search engine specific key words. And I don't know anything about websites! Not to mention how to market it? I know the web is a great marketing tool, but how do I compete with a tiny budget and no web exerpince?

  14. the coolest girl on the planet - HA!

    Another entry – from Bert, who's also already signed up for the challenge:

    My biggest question about taking my business into technology is HOW? I
    know how to e-mail and have recently entered facebook territory.
    Otherwise, my computer skills are pre-computer! I have signed up for the 12 week
    course in hopes of enlightenment.

    Stamp On!

  15. the coolest girl on the planet - HA!

    Here's Harriette's entry:
    I find my biggest challenge is finding that balance of sharing enough information to interest the reader and make them want to respond and purchase but at the same time not coming across like the used car salesman or timeshare pitch guy that won't take no for an answer. Not that this is what I do, I respect all 'nos' but sometimes posts on facebook & twitter and even within a blog certainly can come across that way.

  16. Jennifer Williams

    Hi Lisa – My name is Jennifer and I am an information – aholic. That's right, I am an information junky with absolutly no action steps for any of the books I read, websites I visit or facebook gurus I follow. I am completly stuck at step one. I need a sponsor for my addiction, someone to guide me through the information and hold my hand with each step. Someone who will push me when I try to stall and answer me when the "but…" for why I couldn't do that step starts to come out of my mouth.

    I am not a sucessful direct sales rep, but boy do I want to be! I have a product I want to sell, a team just waiting to be discovered, and a future for my family that will look so differnt from today – but on my own I will likely just buy another book and another 3 months of my life will pass before I hope to try again.

    Will you change my next 12 weeks? I am ready to change!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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