More about the 12 week challenge

Wow! In a day, I’ve had half a dozen entries come in. I’m looking forward to seeing even more questions from all of you.

You can post your entry by clicking here. All the instructions are on yesterday post.

And I realize that many of you are probably waiting to see just what exactly is involved in the 12 week challenge. So here’s the skinny:

Beginning October 26, and for the following 12 weeks, you’re invited to join me on a step-by-step walk through of Home Party Solution. Now, I’m not going to read you a chapter a week, because I figure you all can read! What I am going to do is walk you through each element, with additional insights and strategies that aren’t included in the book, to help you take action right away and help you grow your online presence in an easy to digest way.

Now I know it’s a challenge to know from one month to the next what you’ll be doing – let alone for the next 12 weeks – particularly when we’re rolling into the new year.
So we’re giving you the MP3 downloads as well, so that you can keep up with the group if you have to take a holiday or your computer crashes for a week.

The reason I put this group together is because so many of you were telling me that even though it’s laid out in bite-sized pieces, it was easy to put the book on a shelf, and let “life get in the way”. The result was a bunch of half-completed work that left you feeling more frustrated than successful. Then there were those of you that wanted to attend the Live event, but just couldn’t make the trip.

Frustration is not why I wrote this book. This book was created out of a true desire to help consultants become MORE successful and LESS frustrated. It’s the process I used to grow my direct sales business – and also my coaching business.

I used the exact same process for both businesses. Which means yes, you can use this info even if you’re not in a direct selling business. Any micro/small business looking to create and build an online presence with a personal brand at the front of it all can use this program successfully.

So we’ll be working on mindset, and focus. Then we’ll develop a perfect fit customer profile that you can use to develop your marketing strategy. Armed with that laser-focused information, you’ll be able to quickly assess which online marketing methods will be your best bet for rapid results, and then we’ll take ACTION to get things rolling quickly. With 12 weekly assignments (in bite sized, easy to handle pieces), you’ll have plenty of time to get everything handled.

Plus, there’s Q&A, video training, and more. I’ll personally be critiquing your work, reviewing your sites, and helping you build a powerful web presence. We’ll even have private coaching sessions to make sure your particular situation is covered. Can you tell how serious I am about helping you succeed?

You can view the info page here:
(link opens in a new window)

Because of all the personal attention, we are strictly limiting the number of “seats” for this telecoaching series to 175 – and HPS Live attendees shrink the number of available seats – and 6 more seats will go to my contest winners. With less than 200 seats available, you know the tickets will go fast – and tickets will go on sale October 10.

If you’ve already purchased the book, you get a $200 discount on the program. If you were at the HPS Live event, this 12 week challenge is free for you. A special announcement will go out to all our customers this week with further details on the discounts.

AND, during the contest, I’ll be posting answers to the questions contestants are asking in their entries. I invite you to engage as well, asking more questions, offering suggestions of your own, etc. I want people to LEARN from this blog, and the best way to do that is to share the answers with all of you – not just the contest winners or challenge participants.

I might even post updates during the challenge! It really depends on the level of interest you show here.

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