Clone myself? ’tis Possible

When I wrote Home Party Solution, it was an accident.

It began as my blueprint and strategy map for building my online direct sales empire. It worked, and as I shared it with other people, I developed a new business – coaching – that was marketed in the exact same way, using the exact same strategies I had learned and implemented in my direct sales business.

It would appear I’m modeling duplication without much effort. And I’m about to do it again in a new arena, for a particular small business market. It’s a happy-scared feeling that defies real description.

Today’s very cathartic experience in Mastermind led me to a new discovery – that duplication isn’t just a one time thing. Nor is it a one market thing.

In fact, this 12 week challenge is just a broadening of my horizons in some respects. I’ll be walking direct sellers and small business owners alike through this process – the same process I’ve used to double my income and increase my profitability each year since I first started “playing” with it.

This is where my threshhold of belief is being raised big time.

I knew this was an event that was on a scale far larger than anything I’d done before. And as we move from vision to execution tomorrow, I’m eager to see how everything will shakeout.

There’s lots of goodies on the horizon, and lots of new adventures on the road.

Right now, I’m beat, though. Looking forward to seeing how it all shakes out in the morning.