No budget? No problem for real beginners

The tips I’m sharing in this post are not for people with an established web presence. This is purely for folks who have NOTHING online, and little to no cash to get started.

Boy does that sound hinky.

The purpose of the post is to answer a question posted on my 12 week challenge contest blog. Basically, how do I get SOMETHING going when I have no resources?

First think about the resources you DO have.

Sites like Office Live or Google sites will allow you to set up a basic bare bones website for free. It costs nothing.

Heck you can host your blog on or – that’s free too.

There are places like where you cn get high-quality royalty-free images to use as well.

There’s no excuse to NOT have soem kind of website.

What about an opt-in? even office live now has a makeshift otion to create a contact email management system. Not my favorite, but if you’re totally broke, it’s better than NO opt-in at all.

What about video? Windows moviemaker comes standard on most PC’s now, and there are sites where you can create short videos for free. Just want to post informational videos? embed something from

Seriously. You can create all of this from scratch for nothing. No hostng fees, nothing.

There’s simply no excuse.

Now if you’ve got a budget (even a small one) there are other ideas – like a domain name that you OWN and can re-direct to your new site (that shouldn’t cost more than $10 from Or web hosting so you can have more specialized content on your site (or to host your own customized blog).

Obviously the more money you have, the more options you have. But there are great, simple ways to get yourself online in a professional manner for FREE.

Yes, there may be a gazillion other people out there using the same blog template as I do, but it’s free, it works, and I get traffic. THAT’S what matters most. It prevents analysis paralysis because blogger only has a few dozen templates from which you can choose. And you don’t need to obsess over how it looks – you need to obsess over getting things going!

I hope that clears up the “I can’t afford it” issue. EVERYONE can afford (and should have) a website of some sort that markets THEM (not their product). The 12 week challenge will spend a whole session on building a website and step-by-step help on how to make it happen.

We start October 26. Are you signed up? There are only a handful of seats remaining!

Hope to see you there!


  1. Ivette

    Another great FREE resource is

    You can send up to 3000 emails per month to your list of up to 500 people for FREE. If it's over 500, then the fees are very reasonable.

    Check the website for the full details on pricing and functionalities. I signed up to use it with my blog. Heck, why pay for something while I'm building my brand when I can do it for free? 🙂

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