Never juggle alone

So I actually did a little research for this post:

I watched a handful of juggling videos on YouTube. As a kid, I had to learn how to juggle for science class. We started with one ball, which was incredibly boring, but we had to demonstrate mastery before we could move on to juggling two balls… and then three.

Fortunately, three was our limit. We just had to be able to prove we could keep three balls in motion for a preiod of time. And for as great of a multi-tasker I’ve become, it was not easy to keep three balls in the air in 7th grade.

So imagine my surprise when I found 5 ball forced juggling, 4, 6 and 8 object jugglers!

And it got me to thinking about how many responsibilities we, as business owners have in our daily routines.

And along comes online marketing, and “you want me to add ANOTHER ball to my juggling routine?”

I hear you.

I selected this video for two reasons – and I hope you watch it to the end. If you watch, for the most part, no one is ever responsible for more than 3 or 4 objects at one time – there are lots of items in the air, but each team member really only has to focus on their piece of the pie.

The other reason is that if you watch to the end you see where they actually DROP something. Now this was planned for effect, and if you watch, it’s all done “on the beat” to the music and set up so that it times out perfectly with the end. Even there, you’ll note that more than one person is throwing things at the catcher – no ONE person is responsible for everything.

In small business – particularly in direct sales, we feel like we’ve got to go it alone in and do it ourselves. That’s the surest way to stay small in your industry.

That doesn’t mean hire a bunch of elves to handle your tasks. It DOES mean seek out competent, qualified help – even if it’s only on a project basis, to help free up your time to focus on the essential activities that MUST be done by you and only you.

Maybe you need a VA or one of your kids to help with loading/packing, shipping or customer follow up.

Run your business like a real business would and find excellent people to support you.

It’s worth it in no uncertain terms.

With the right support team in place, you can have many many objects in the air, making it look incredibly difficult, and knowing all the while, that it’s really simple if you stay focused on the part that’s your responsibility.


  1. Ivette

    Lisa, great points as always. I have helped a couple of direct sales leaders in the last few months and WHEW! they are busy. Even though I did the "easy" work, its no wonder they are so successful. But everyone needs help now and then. Whether you have a huge downline, or are just starting to recruit, sometimes its best to hand off the "little" things so you can focus on the big things that will make a big impact on your business.

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