Speechless, An apology of sorts

This doesn’t usually happen to me.

I started working on a blog post on October 29, and I saved it to review later…

…and later is still waiting to arrive.

Now I could say something about analysis paralysis, but the reality of why I held off on the post was that I was afraid.

I’m noticing some trends in the online world – and maybe it’s because I’ve been around a while now – and these trends are bothering me in a BIG way.

My coach and pal (hope I’m not overstating that) @ElizabethPW made a remarkable post today about her experiences at Ali Brown’s recent Shine event.

I told her she stole my blog post. Elizabeth has a great way of saying what other people are thinking. She’s like the kid that’s not afraid to tell the world that the Emperor is naked.

I heart her.

So as I wrestled with fear, she was stepping out to face the wolves.

It got me to thinking about the other things we think but don’t say – things we need to say.

I don’t usually get speechless, paranoid, or worried about the impressions of others. I’m kind of known as being blunt, direct, and sometimes a little terse.

I try to speak the truth in love – and sometimes I’m a bit too honest for my own good, so I’m told.

That’s part of what curbed my tongue this time.

You see, being on “the inside” of an industry reveals a lot of dirty secrets. Part of me wants to keep my mouth shut because I’m afraid of getting tossed out on my ear once I start revealing all this stuff to the masses.

Then I’m reminded of Groucho Marx, who said he didn’t want to be part of a club that would have him as a member.

In the past week, there’s been a lot of soul searching, discussions, ranting, and whatnot. I thank God above that you aren’t privvy to some of the stuff I’ve heard/dealt with in the past week.

There’s just too much subterfuge in business that makes ding business hard. It doesn’t have to be that way.

So in an effort to get clear on some stuff, there’s changes coming – saying goodbye to some old peeps that just don’t resonate with my new direction – and saying hello to new peeps that are going to rock your world.

You’ll get my take on Shine, and lessons learned later this week. There were plenty, although not the ones you might think.

Oh! And I’ve created a new workout program for myself…

– it’s called rocking the boat.

You have been warned.


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