Direct Sales Success: What’s Your 2010 Vision?

[Editor’s note: Now that I’m migrating the “off topic” posts to my new blog, this blog will be almost entirely focused on Direct Sales Marketing Strategies – primarily online, but offline as well. – Lisa]

Every good business starts with a vision. Actually, there’s some other stuff that comes before the vision. It’s the foundational, “what makes you tick” kind of stuff that is a bit beyond the confines of this blog. Frankly, in order to build a business you can be passionate about, you have to do that work first. But once you’ve hammered that identity stuff out, you need to look to your vision.

Some people have an overarching vision for what they anticipate will be the life of their business, and that’s important. Equally important is the vision for each year – those things you need to really hone in on to achieve success on your terms.

So what’s your vision?

Most direct sales companies only feed you their promotional materials a couple of months at a time. It’s a great way to keep you focused on “bookingin tight”. But as my Sales Diva mentor, Kim Duke, loves to remind me – you need to be planning at least 90 days out*.

Suffice it to say that unless you’re a higher up leader in your company, you can’t possibly know what the company has planned.

A typical vision has got to have some kind of scope – who you’re going to impact/reach – as well as what you want to accomplish.

For example, to sell $10,000 in XYZ product and teach 500 guests about proper skin care techniques.

A vision can’t be one-sided. There has to be a quid-pro-quo (Latin for “this for that”), that is, a service being provided for the compensation being received.

Compensation isn’t always monetary either. It can be money you earn, a position or title you attain, a level of prestige or recognition.

In essence, it’s something you GET for something you GIVE.

Your vision should be inspiring, and a bit of a stretch. There’s no vision in saying I want to keep everything in 2010 the same as it was in 2009. There’s no growth in a business that’s stagnant. Only decay.

So while a lot of you have started laying out strategies and ideas for what you’d like to earn, creating plans for the beginning of the year, how will you know what success looks like?

That’s where your vision comes into play.

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