The Super Summit is coming!

I would be remiss if I didn’t share this exciting news with my blog peeps. Each Spring and Fall, I host a telesummit with some of the most amazing minds in direct sales and business today. So here’s my shameless plug for our Super Summit event.

This Spring, I think it’s safe to say I’ve outdone myself. Here are just a few of the instructors scheduled to appear:

* Mari Smith – Facebook Marketing in an Hour a Day
* Paula Antonini – An Energized YOU
* Scott Lovingood – It’s Your Money, Keep More of It
* Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller – Online Video to Grow Your Business in 9 Minutes a Day
* Lisa Sasevich – Boost Yoour Sales with the Invisible Close
* Jonathan Fields – The REAL Upside of Being an Entrepreneur
* Nicki Keohohou – The 6 Qualities of REAL Leadership

I’ve got people sharing info about books that haven’t even been released yet – AND a ton more great stuff up my sleeve.

Now I can’t reveal everything, but you’ll definitely want to get pre-registered before March 28:

In the past, we’ve called this the Direct Sales Super Summit, but we have so much valuable information for anyone looking to grow their business, we thought a name change would be appropriate. You’ll be happy to note that we STILL have a track of content designed with direct sales pros in mind. That will not change.

We’re hammering out the call schedule right now, but you’ll want to be on as many of the live calls as you can – starting with the LIVE kickoff call on Sunday March 28 at 6pm ET.

If you can’t make it, you’ll have the option of purchasing the audios after you register. If you’ve been to any of our past events, you KNOW that this is the event of the year. I hope you’ll join us!


  1. Deb Bixler

    Great line up in the Summit this year Lisa. It was fun last year and it looks like an awesome learning experience again. You really have out done yourself this year!

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