Home Party Solution will self-destruct in…

I’ve been hinting at this for a while. I want to need to blow up my website.

It’s gotten so cumbersome, difficult to navigate, and frankly, it’s not performing like it used to. There are too many buttons, too many ways to get lost, and too many processes we still need to handle manually.

I’m trying to streamline my life and my business, and I want it to be easy for Bonnie (my super duper assistant) to navigate everything we own.

So, we’re blowing it up. Shortly.

We’ve already pulled Home Party Solution off the shelves (I think we’ve got 3 copies left), to prepare for the re-launch. Pretty soon everything else will be yanked, too. Direct Sales Jump Start will be going buh-bye, and my social media training (Twitter Secrets for Direct Sellers) will be completely re-vamped, too.

Which means, for a short period of time, the only programs I’ll have running are my coaching, any speaking gigs I’ve scheduled, and my Marketing Mentor Program – which won’t be accepting any new members.

So essentially, I’m cutting off my income so I can better serve you.

That almost doesn’t make sense, does it?

If you don’t know by now, I coached with @elizabethpw last year, during a time when she was going through some major transition. More than the things she coached me on, I was able to see what SHE was going through, and learn vicariously.

Elizabeth just remodeled her website. I was jealous. I’ve been plotting a revamp for a while, “and now it looks like I’m totally being a follower” (I say in my best Valley-girl voice).

Again, though, I can learn from Elizabeth. Her post outlines strategic choices she made to be sure she’s actually getting paid for the work she’s doing.

I’ve been reflecting on that. Some of what I was trying to accomplish has not worked the way I planned. I’ve been remiss in tracking because I’ve been too busy launching. But without tracking, I can’t see what’s working. Ack.

I’ve got html pages with outdated info that we crafted eons ago that I can’t even figure out how to find, let alone edit. And people are still going there. Double Ack.

I’ve got about 30 domains. I actually manage about 7 of them. The rest are all ideas that haven’t transpired yet – or are being re-directed elsewhere. Triple Ack.

I’ve got ownership of something like 6 blogs. I only frequent 2 of them. Ack-tastic.

So we’re consolidating. Refining. Making something more effective. For you AND me AND my team.

But this stuff takes time.

The GOOD news is that we’ve already launched The Renaissance Mom, and that site is working fabulously. Going forward, there will be two major sites, The Renaissance Mom, and my site for all my direct sales-specific content. Yes, this blog will probably move. We’re still figuring that out.

I’ve learned something else, too. But that’s a post for my other blog.

At any rate, the newsletter will keep going out, there still be this blog (at least during the transition), but the rest is, as they say, history.

And the “new and improved”, I think, is going to revolutionize direct sales training and coaching.

More on that in another post.

Sometimes, you have to shut down the whole store to do a full remodel. And this remodel will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I’m so excited to share it, and it’s been a long time in the making.

I just hope it’s not a long time in the presenting. A girl’s gotta feed the kids!

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