Direct Sales Training: Financial Strategies for Success

Summer can be a dangerous time for direct sales consultants. With school letting out and families travelling, many consultants hang up their consultant hat for the summer and look to “start over” in the Fall. The excuses are plenty, and the reality is that when consultants do this, they’ve paralyzed their business growth and their cash flow.

In a family full of teachers, I learned first hand the importance of balancing cash flow. Most teachers earn an income nine months of the year, and then have zero income during the summer – the time when they’re most likely to be able to enjoy it! It becomes important to balance cash flow throughout the year, in order to maintain your sanity during the seasonal income slumps.

Here are a few tips to help you even out your cash flow this summer:

  1. Keep working your business. This is probably the most important factor. Yes, people are travelling, but many are not, and it’s a good time to schedule one-on-one appointments or hosting recruiting interviews with teachers who are looking for some extra income. Your show sales averages may not be as high, but some income is better than no income.
  2. Find your annual averages. I’m a big fan of knowing your averages. If you know that you spend $1000 a month on average, you know that you have to bring earn at least $1000 each month to keep your nose above water.
  3. Save a portion of your income during good times. Set aside a portion of your income during the good months so that you won’t have to suffer during the lean months. Later in my aunt’s teaching career, the school district gave her an option to take less money each month during the year so that she’d have a summer paycheck. The automatic nature of the “deduction” made it easier for her to adjust her budget to accommodate living on less.
  4. Live on less. Decide where you can cut expenses, save money, and tighten the belt for the summer. This is the hardest solution, because we are a nation of spenders, and once we find a “comfort level”, it becomes difficult to live on less.
  5. Eliminate debt. Debt is a claim on your income. Lower your debt, and you’ll need less to live on each month.

Running a real business is about building something that will withstand financial hardships – including times of lean cash flow. These simple ideas will help you move through the summer with your sanity in tact.

© 2010 Lisa Robbin Young.

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