The Leadership Attitude For Direct Sales Consultants

A Guest Article by Deb Bixler

The “attitude of a leader” can make or break your sales consultants’ ability to develop the skills necessary to become leaders in their own right.

Leaders know that they are a success regardless of who says yes or the outcome of each sales or recruiting encounter. The positive, focused sales leader will have the attitude that the person who is standing in front of them is not the “end all” to business success.

Developing a leader’s attitude in your entire team depends on instilling in them the attitude of a leader. That is, that they do not “need”
business or “need” another show or “need’ another booking or “need” one more recruit.

Positive Attitude Of A Leader

People who continue to operate in a “need” based mentality will never be leaders. The positive focus of a leader is an entirely different attitude.
This list compares the attitude of someone who is operating from a state of “need” as opposed to the attitude of a leader.

“Need” Based Attitude: Leader’s Attitude:
Convince Qualify
Persuade Sort
Fear Determined
Competition Collaboration
Give and take Give and receive
Trick Attract
Have excuses Have reasons
Use the word “but” Use the word “and”
Recruit Share
Work Create
TV Reads and studies

Leadership Skills

Most people have some of the above leadership skills and yet still use the “need” based mentality on occasion. The true leader develops the skills necessary to work and operate their business more on the right side of the chart than the left. When you operate with an attitude of a leader you will attract people to your business and have an unlimited supply of qualified leads, recruits and bookings coming your way naturally.


Deb Bixler

Deb Bixler built a successful direct sales business that replaced her corporate income in less than a year. Deb now teaches party plan entrepreneurs how to achieve the same results from their business as she achieved using sales systems that work for any direct selling company.  Learn more direct sales training to develop leadership skills at:


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