Host Coaching Success: Text and Mobile Marketing

Direct sales consultants often complain that they don’t want to appear “pushy”. This is the number one reason they use for not staying in frequent contact with their hosts.

Their reasoning makes sense at a certain level. How would you feel if someone were to call you every other day for two weeks? No wonder consultants have this sneaking feeling that they’re being pushy. If you called me every other day, I’d think you were pushy, too.

It’s time for a contact revolution.

I believe Victor Frankl said it was important to meet people where they are. Instead of calling and leaving message after message, consider sending a text.

Text coaching is becoming a popular method for direct sellers to reach hosts and get their message through.

One client indicated that her hosts were more responsive to text messages because they were short, sweet, and she always had her cell phone with her – even if she couldn’t always answer the phone.  Voice mails may pile up or get deleted, but a text message seems to slip in under the radar at a time when direct sales consultants need it most.

Here are three tips to incorporate text messaging into your host coaching plan:

1. Get permission. Ask her if you can send her short messages via text. Make sure she knows it’s ONLY for giving or getting updates regarding her upcoming show.

2. Mix it up. Don’t just text her, and don’t just call her. Use the phone, email, send a postcard. That way, you’re trying to reach her wherever she might be.

3. Keep her in the loop. Each time you reach out to her, let her know how and when to expect to hear from you next. When you call her let her know that the next time you’re going to try to connect via email. When you email, let her know you’re going to text her next, and so on. Always be clear as to how and when you’ll make your next contact.

When hosts are kept in the loop, direct sales consultants are held accountable for following up appropriately. By taking the time to connect in multiple ways, you’ll not only appear less pushy, you’ll be more likely to connect with your host in ways that are meaningful to her.

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  2. Deb Bixler

    Hi Lisa, Great to see texting included in host coaching. I have added that and other technology based techniques to my training programs. Permission is a good point that I hadn’t thought of especially in text as everyone had different plans. Thanks for keeping trending with your sales lessons. Deb

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