Direct Sales Strategies: Extra Sales Are In The (Bonus) Bag

During the holidays, most direct sales consultants add a few extra products to their home party display to encourage impulse buys and for customers to experience limited edition sets.

But what happens when you end up with a handful of seasonal items that are discontinued, no longer available, but are still in sellable condition?

Many consultants will give them away as booking gifts, or let them sit on their shelves. One of the ideas I share in Direct Sales 104 to increase sales is to create a “Bonus Bag” for your parties. Here are three ways to make the Bonus Bag work for you:1. Create an attractive display of “Bonus Bag” items and let customers know that when they spend a certain amount, they can select one item from the “Bonus Bag” as a gift with purchase, or for a discounted price (purchase with purchase). The first to place their order will get first choice from the bag.

2.  Place the products in a “grab bag” and let customers know the minimum and maximum values of the products in the bag. For each spending increment, they can make one grab from the bag. For example, spend $75, get one grab, spend $150, get two grabs. It’s important that the value of the products be at least 20% of the amount you’re asking them to spend. That means if you want your clients to spend $75, the retail value of the product should be at least $15.

3. Use the “Bonus Bag” display to encourage higher guest spending. Award the entire bag to the person that spends the most money. This works well for smaller items that have values under $5 or $10. You can bundle them together to create a more enticing gift.

Very often, this adds an additional $75-150 to your total show sales. Plus, you’re able to liquidate discontinued products without losing money. Be sure to add the total to your hosts order and purchase products to replenish/replace your kit. By offering different products at each show – and only at your shows –  you’ll encourage not only higher show sales, but increased attendance as well. Your host is happy at the increased show sales, your guests are happy for the extra products at discounted prices, and you’re happy because you made a little money off the products you would probably have otherwise had to trash.

One word of caution: Do not go into debt to buy products for your bag. The idea is to clear out items with a high perceived value that you already have on hand, not to spend more money you don’t have. By using a “Bonus Bag” you’ll be able to take some of the risk out of purchasing those seasonal items that are quick to sell out.

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  2. Basketgail 1

    I love this “Bonus Bag” idea and will definitely use it. I have a ton of retired product I need to clear out. I’ve tried having sales for just retired product and have not faired so well in the past. What a great way to increase sales on a show order and still have the guest go home with something besides a receipt.

    Gail Sanders
    The Longaberger Company

  3. Carla4MK

    Very Practical Knowledge. I never considered a “Grab Bag” to increase total sales… I always used Discontimued items as “instant” booking gifts (in addition to the offered Hostess Gift) to entice new bookings.

  4. admin

    That’s one suggestion that many companies use. The challenge is that they get something for nothing, so you are, in essence, training your guests and potential hosts to expect something for nothing. You are running a business, not a charity, and there needs to be an equal reward for equal effort. Best of luck to you this season!

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