Creating a Perfect Fit Recruit Profile

When it comes to recruiting, most consultants in the direct sales industry are told to “recruit, recruit, recruit!” without any clarification on the who or the what of signing new team members. In fact, while many consultants have learned to embrace target marketing for selling their products, they’ve flatly refused to follow a similar idea for adding new members to their team.

The result is a hodge-podge of direct sellers that perform inconsistently, causing many new leaders to struggle to keep their title.

The solution is something I call a “Perfect Fit Recruiting Profile” (PFRP). The PFRP is designed not only to help you figure out the kind of person you would enjoy having on your team, but will also enjoy working with you, as well as where to find them. When you create a PFRP for yourself, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to build a strong team that matches the way you do business.

Here are a five questions you can ask to begin developing your own PFRP:

1. What kind of people do I work best with, and why? By asking yourself this question, not only do you set yourself up to find more people of that kind, but also it increases your awareness of the traits and personalities whit which you work best.

2. What kind of team members have I worked with in the past (in any profession) that really bothered me and why? This question gives you clarity on not only the kind of people that rub you the wrong way, but also the reasons behind it. Once you know why someone bugs you, it’s easier to figure out if you need to avoid them altogether, or create a personal development strategy to enhance your people skills.

3. Am I a hands-on or hands-off trainer? Understanding your training style will help you find recruits that are suited to your style, rather than creating friction in your organization. If you’re a hands-off trainer and recruit someone that needs a lot of hand-holding, you’ll be setting yourself and your new team member up for much frustration.

4. What do I most need to learn? No one is perfect at everything. Often times, we will avoid recruiting people who seem to outshine us in a particular area of the business. It’s fear of losing your title or having a team member pass you rearing its ugly head, but it’s a common fear nonetheless. Recognize that sometimes we don’t like working with a person because they may have the very skill we lack. Be aware of this tendency as you are recruiting. Be sure that friction is truly a problem inherent in the relationship, not in your preferences or abilities. Preferences change, and abilities can be improved. Instead, seek to use their skills to your advantage, by having them train your other team members in monthly meetings. You might learn a thing or two yourself.

5. If I could paint a perfect picture of my perfect team, what would it look like? Go ahead and dream. Use all the colors in your palette and conjure up the most inspiring, motivating “dream team” you can think of. This helps you think outside your current box, giving you power over how you can shape your own organization.

This is just a starting point for creating a PFCP. As you work through these questions, start thinking about what kind of person might fit all these criteria and where you might find those kinds of people. It’s there that you will likely find some of your best team members.

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